This I Believe

Emma - 49341, Michigan
Entered on January 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe in running. Crisp, cold air, snow falling quietly, endless dirt roads, headbands, gloves, numerous layers of clothing, and the gathering of people who all have one passion in common. Running to me, is more than just a sport. It is more than just staying in shape, although that is an added bonus. In many ways it is a very social activity. I love running in groups of people. We always think of ways to have fun. Ice skating on nearby frozen ponds, inventing new games, and having snowball fights are common activities on a winter run with my friends.

Running unites people. I have made two of my best friends from running. What better way to get to know someone or talk about problems than by going on a 30 minute run together? Running with friends creates great memories and fun. But the other side of running is the very personal, individual side.

Sometimes, when I need to get away from work or school, do something different, think about a problem, or relieve stress, running can be the perfect remedy. Even if I am just sick of people and need to be alone, it is peaceful to have the only sound be of my shoes hitting the sidewalk. There are always going to be things in life that limit you, but runnning is limitless. You can go as fast or as slow as you want. You can run anywhere, anytime, anyplace. A famous quote by Nike says, “There are clubs you can’t belong to, schools you can’t get into, but the roads are always open.” The roads, trails, alleys, and paths are always open. There is always a different way to turn or new route to discover. That’s what I like about it so much: the freedom, possibilities, and invincibility of it.

Many people don’t have the opportunity to play sports past high school. Football careers end for many guys in their last game as seniors. But there is always a chance to run. Other people aren’t even needed to play. All I need is myself and a pair of running shoes.

Running has taught me so much about life. When running gets hard, which it often does, it is so easy to stop. I have learned to push through the pain and keep on going.

Endurance is important not only to runnning, but my life as well. This and other aspects of running have made it a passion of mine. This I believe.