This I Believe

Christopher - Rockford, Michigan
Entered on January 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Recently I participated in a competition through AP Government called “We The People”. In this competition we gave speeches and answered questions regarding the historical and current issues surrounding the Constitution. While my team was being questioned we received a particular question that I though I knew the answer to. I was wrong. I began to answer, but quickly realized my mistake. I had mistaken one historical event with another, and by the looks from my teammates and the judges, I was sinking fast. I began to ramble in an attempt to salvage my poor situation. After a long slew of words I came to correct answer, but the humiliating damage was done. I had spoken before thinking about what I was actually trying to saying. That was where rambling gripped me. It made me look like a fool for my hastiness.

This power rambling possess is important for that very reason. Rambling is as unpredictable and devastating as a hiccup is to a refreshing drink, yet it has an earnest message. We learn from our humiliation that speed is not the answer, but clear thinking and correct formation of words is. Even the most successful people ramble at times. It is a frequent check on a person’s ego, forcing them to slow down and think.

However, this is not the only ability rambling possesses. A good ramble can greatly add to a particular conversation. Being an experienced rambler myself, my rambles have often been the spice a conversation needs. Sometimes when a conversation is in peril, I have used my skills (accidentally of course) to trigger a particular strain of conversation in another person’s mind resulting in the revival of the spirit of conversing. Additionally, the complete awkwardness or randomness of a particularly good ramble can reduce a tense moment to laughter.

So I say embrace your ramblings. They teach us to think before speaking while keeping our feet on the ground, or they could just be the surge a dying conversation needs. What ever the time or place, when a good ramble is needed it will come. So when asked what I believe in I say, “Well I believe, very earnestly…err I mean strongly…no earnestly, in the ability, well I guess you could say it is more of an accident, but what ever, I believe in rambling.