This I Believe

Ramiro - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on January 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

My belief is that if I want people to respect me, I will need to show them the same deal of respect that I would want. Whether it is a man, woman, or child, respect should be given at all times. I think as a society we have gone away from that. Whether it’s because of the parents, television, video games, or something else can be argued about all day long. But what can be seen is the ever growing increase of disrespect being shown between people today. Respect is something very easy to show somebody, it’s as easy as saying “please” and “thank you”. But nowadays you’ll be happy to get someone to even acknowledge something you have done. I also believe in things happening for a reason. My parents from as early as I could remember would always drive that point into me that no matter what happens things typically happen for a reason. My wife and I had our first child when we were 20, and at the time we were both just a couple of dumb, irresponsible teenagers that believed the world revolved around us. Instead of complaining about why this had to happen to us, we both believed this child was brought to us for a reason. It was here to teach us to be more responsible, to straighten our act, and to pretty much grow up. 4 years later, we now have another child who is 2, and we are both very well off from where we were when we were 20. We both have good jobs, I am trying to get my degree and we have our own house. The belief that things happen for a reason made us believe that our first child was a lesson to us, and ultimately it taught us to be better people.