This I Believe

Michelle - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on January 20, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that we were all put here on this Earth for a purpose. I feel that each person should take advantage of what opportunities life has to offer them. Will you wake up every morning and say “Today I will do something great”. What I am saying is knowing what you want in life. Why cheat yourself out of greatness? People may depend on drugs, money, or other individuals steer them in life. Many of us are not doing what we are passionate about. I myself am included in this group. That is why I finally decided that I needed to invest in myself. After working for 15 years I needed to go out and do what I said I was going to do 12 years ago. My goal has long been to obtain my college degree. It’s going to be challenging with my two kids and husband, but I will make it through if I commit to it. I believe that no matter what your upbringing was you can poise yourself for greatness. We may fall, but we must rise up to the next challenge. I feel that when you are out there in the trenches of life that you are making yourself stronger for the next battle.

I was raised in housing projects all of my childhood life. All I saw around me was people getting shot or doing drugs. My extended family also lived in housing projects. It wasn’t until the fifth grade that I decided that I wasn’t going to become another statistic, but that I was going to go against the grain. I started this journey by exploring a free public place called the library. The library was about two miles from my home. I would at times ride the bus to get there or I would walk. I remember at times walking home with about ten books in my hands. My mom would ask me if I really was going to read all those books. To me those books were my escape into another world. At that time I believed that if I really wanted something to happen I had to make it happen. If you really want something you have to take that dive into that unknown territory. You never know you may surprise yourself. It’s not about conquering the World in one day, but one step at a time. I believe that each of us has a will in us to conquer the things we want in life. My faith has taken me further than I could have ever imagined. I believe that if each person wrote down their goals and aspirations they would see them unfold. I am excited about what 2008 has in store for me and my family. I believe that good things are to come and that the hurdles I will come across will be nothing more but ways for me to re-strategize my overcoming them.