This I Believe

Richard - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on January 20, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in the pursuit of balance.

Ecclesiastes is a good start but in practice there is so much more. The directive “do what it takes” is a complete abandonment of balance. From it can come “the end justifies the means”. Then it is a quick slide into unethical behavior. Truth is not immune from balance. It is not ethical to tell a person the truth when doing so only causes pain.

I strive for balance between my love of technology and my love of people. A good day for me is half filled with creative efforts in my workshop and rounded out with time with those I love.

There is balance to be pursued in charitable endeavors. Too much time devoted to community service means less time taking care of essential chores around the house. All time spent at work, even if some of the resulting money goes to charity, is still a lack of balance.

It is impossible to attain balance if you try to simplify your world into a series of bumper stickers. All acts require thought to understand their impact on the world we live in. Those that never do anything in their lives because they are too busy evaluating their options have also lost sight of balance.

Me first. Me last. Neither extreme really benefits me. Someplace between “I am but one step below the angels” and “I am but dust” is a life filled with self respect plus respect for others. Balance.