This I Believe

Chad - USA
Entered on January 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Hello! My name is Chad D– I’m 22 years old and live in the U.S.A. I find this a interesting topic to write about, that is what I believe, because I have never actually really written it down before. But my beliefs are of a Christian background. But the belief I wanted to express today is that every soul is should be great in our eyes. I have chosen this topic because I have lived it, seen it and experienced. I served a Christian mission in Oakland California, where I spent a lot of my time in the “slums” of the city. I met all kinds of different people there, addicts, gangsters, dealers, and others with problems. I spent a lot of time with these people but two of them stick out in my mind always. For there sake I will change there names to Barb and Lucy. Barb was a single mother wrapped up into drugs and bad habits of all kinds. I met barb on the street one day and began to talk with her about life, beliefs, and such topics. After a long conversation we exchanged information so that I could come back another day. Through time and conversation with Barb and Lucy I became aware of their problems, one really bad one was that she could never keep an appointment. She expressed the fact that everyone had always given up on her because she couldn’t keep her commitments. I challenged her to a lot and eventually she was to kick the habit of being an alcoholic and a drug user and other habits. She began keeping appointments, moved to a better neighborhood, and other changes. For the first time some one did not give up on them. Their countenances changed there was a light around them instead of a cloud of depression. They had made a complete 180 degree turn in there life’s! I will never forget the struggle that we all put into changing two life’s, most of all I will never forget the feeling of accomplishing something much more worth while then any bonus or athletic accomplishment I have in my life. This is one belief that I have is to never give up on a human soul and the will to change. Remember because a life is hurt or damaged doesn’t mean its worth throwing away or giving up on. This is what I Believe.