This I Believe

Gautam - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on January 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humanism, legacy

I believe our beliefs and attitude matters for the study of history.

We are humans. I believe it is true to say that it matters what our attitudes, beliefs and values are as we begin the study of our country’s past. If we love our country then we will have a positive attitude about our country. But if we keep looking on the limitations of our country and never try to overcome those limitations by joining our hands with our government then we will never be able to have a good attitude towards our country. It is important for us to learn from our past and try to change our mentalities so that whatever wrong things happen in past we can overcome them and let never them happen again. Let’s consider an example; it is true that human always tries to dominate each other for the search of power. We know this is a bitter truth that for the search of power, man had used all kind of tools like hook or crook, bribery, dictatorship etc. Adolph Hitler, a German dictator. The founder of “Nazi party.” Hitler fought so many wars with many Europe nations during World War II. He killed so many peoples including children and women. He killed around millions of lives. Many people tried to revolt against his leadership because of his cruelty and violent behavior.

Finally after World War II, Hitler killed himself when he realized that what he did was wrong. Hitler is not only the only example in history but there a many more.

Some people believe that it is good to be a powerful man, but when they enter in this cycle of becoming a rich and powerful man, they do so many wrong things which they never thought of before but when they realize, what they did was wrong then it gets too late to come back. I believe if some one has a desire to be a rich and a powerful person then he might have some interest in those historical events which are a related to big wars, which I can say according to psychology of a person.

I believe it is a human tendency that if he like something or he believe something then he has much more interest in it then compare to his interest in anything else. Like, if I like someone they I will believe him and by the long run my belief will become stronger and stronger on him. It is written in bible that faith on God is then only thing which God wants from a person to make on him. But, it is not that easy as to say because when God test us by giving us some hard times in our life, we start getting angry on God and become atheismist.

So I believe attitudes and beliefs are really the two important factor in developing an individual’s interest in the studying history.