This I Believe

Sarah - Bandera, Texas
Entered on January 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

In this world, as big, diverse, at times confusing and cruel, there is much to believe in. I find that knowing that there is evil and that the world can be corrupt in its ways, I can believe in knowing that there is also good, and kindness, and happiness in the world as well. I believe that if you can keep a positive attitude about anything and everything and try your best to lead a good life, positive energy will always follow.

I am a strong believer in angels though I do not attend church nor consider myself a religious person. However, in my experience, my angels have never lead me in the wrong direction. I have been in situations that I feel very strongly that my angels have helped me to make the right decision. Or, in one instance, they kept me safe when my truck rolled four times and I had minimal injuries for the type of accident that it was. In this instance, I know that there were two angels in the truck. Even before the accident, I’ve naturally believed in angels, even as a small child. However, when the accident did happen, I’d never felt something so strong.

When I feel negative in any way, I pray to my angels. Praying to them is soothing in such that it gives me a chance to think through what the problem is. Also, it helps me to release that negative energy I may be feeling, and reminds me to find the positive in that negative. I also thank my angels on a daily basis for guiding me, keeping me safe and healthy and for letting me enjoy yet another glorious day of life. When I am in the car, I ask them to keep my passengers and me safe, whatever that may mean to them in the end. Whatever happens in life, I believe it happens for a reason. I feel that if I do my job as a human to do the right things, keep the right attitude, keep an open mind and remember that life is precious and it should be cherished, they will do their job in helping to guide me though life.