This I Believe

Brad - Boerne, Texas
Entered on January 19, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that “Living is learning”. From the time we are infants and until we are no more, there is one thing that never ends and that’s the ability to learn and retain information. I’m a 58 year old man, currently attending college with an intention to get my Bachelors degree by the time I reach 63.

Learning and the ability to learn though is not just going to college and getting a degree. I never really looked at it until recently, or maybe just never paid attention to it, but I have learned through the jobs I’ve held, my military service during the Vietnam conflict, my children, and my grandchildren

From the job positions I’ve held, I’ve learned a number of skills, like dealing with people, thinking outside of the box, and leadership. While in the service I learned about things like aviation and how dependant we have become upon it, even now. Through my daughters and my grand children I have learned almost to many thing to list but a few of them are things like patience and understanding, the skill to lend an open ear, learing how to play video games, and last but not least the skill to teach and assist in their endeavors.

As you sit there reading this short document, think about it. What are you doing, you are learning something, be it ever so little, you are learning a little bit of me. Look in front of you, now look around you. What do you see? You probably, without even realizing it are learning something new, either about yourself or someone near to you, and then again maybe it’s something that you’ve never even noticed before sitting in the corner of your room or leaning against a wall, until now.

No matter how big or how small it may be, remember “Living is learning”. The world and its people are out there, your family is out there, learn from them all. Without anything to learn, you become a shell dependant upon only yourself and I don’t think that such a way could be any fun!

I like what I have learned and look forward to learning even more!