This I Believe

Jenny - Lindstrom, Minnesota
Entered on January 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

“No pain, no gain.” Those are four words I will never forget my father saying to me. This motto guides me through difficult times when there seems to be no hope in the future. It also assists me in creating greater experiences for others and myself.

On a clear Saturday morning in June, my softball team and I traveled to the twin cities for a tournament. Arriving, we unloaded our equipment and loosened up. Progressing with our regular routine, we started batting practice. This consisted of the team receiving ground balls and fly balls in the field from a teammate who was hitting. This morning I wanted to endure the line drives, so I moved cautiously to the front and prepared. The ball shot off the bat, bounced on the ground directly four feet in front of me, and the next three seconds went black. As I regained reality of what just occurred, my aunt and I rushed to the emergency room. Three long painful hours later, I returned and played the following game.

What happened to me? I ended up with two badly swollen lips and three root canals from collision with the ball. This unfortunate event showed me how pain created a great love for the game.

Pain strengthens our body mentally and physically. Without going through the pain of losing someone or breaking a leg, no one is capable of relating to someone else’s pain. The impressions of pain help you grow stronger and encourage others in your previous situation.

Gradually more hardships will arise and you soon realize how much you love someone or something and never lose hope. This is why I truly believe pain is for the best and allows one to know exactly what they love.