This I Believe

David - Cooper City, Florida
Entered on January 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in myself. When I was a young boy I was very skeptic about what the real world was like or even if I could make it by myself. Ever since I have gotten into college and I take care of myself, this thought has changed dramatically from how will I survive to I know I am going to succeed. All my life goals seem closer then every before and I feel like I’m taking my first big step into my real life. The friends and times will change but I will always be myself and that’s why it is crucial to believe in me.

When I was 16 my grandfather died at the right old age of 88. He was always around when my father could not be. Growing up as a child I knew I was going to lose him soon but never predicted that life after that could get better. As I mourned and moved on, I realized that it was my life and no one else could run it for me. The place of being the man of the house isn’t any easy task and it will turn any boy quickly into a man. All the responsibilities that were my now were too much to handle at first, but knowing that taking care of my mother and her assets, gave me power that I had never dreamed of. I loved this power. Making choices that affected the whole family and doing well for the household was so fulfilling. My confidence had ever been so high and at that point I knew if I could make sure everything my grandfather left was in order, then that destiny was going to be a luxury of choice.

Anything in this world I feel I could just go and get if I wanted it that bad. The problem with that was I had to leave everything I knew to get it. My life took a change to a new and strange person, my friends had become immature, and my family had become a burden on my life. With my new outlook on life I knew that the old parts of it would have to change along with me. Upon departing with my peers, I had to tell my mother I was not going to be there for her anymore. The confidence brought along a very arrogant side of me that I had never knew to have. But this was all a part of the package I had been given and I wasn’t going to waste any of it.

It’s been two years since my metamorphic change and I have gotten more done then the 17 years before it. I now have a job that makes me good money. I’m in a top notch school that is very expensive and I will be paying for myself. Although I still think I’m the nice overweight child that I was in tenth grade, I can’t see him when I look in the mirror. The image that comes to me is a successful business man down the path of life making sure he gets everything done that needs to get done. I still plan on taking care of my family when I am older and keeping in close contact with my friends. But I know the goal is very far ahead of me and the only way to get there is to keep all the parts of me on focus, because when you break it down to my emotions, strength, senses, attitude, skills, and intelligent they are all the parts that are needed to be working together to accomplish something amazing. I now known how to control those parts and I now know I believe in myself.