This I Believe

Heath - Lexington, Kentucky
Entered on January 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

When I was born the doctor said “IT’S A BOY!”, but that’s not how it was when my brother Joseph was born. The doctor announced “IT’S A GIRL!” That was the last time anyone was ever sure. My Brother is Transgender; he was born a girl biologically, but he has always felt male. I have watched my brother grow up and struggle with going to school, kids picking on him, family not accepting and understanding, and society thinking that he is some kind of freak. That’s why I believe that everyone should know what transgender means and that Transgender people are normal people, just like you and I.

My brother was born when I was four, back then he was my baby “sister”. I complained; I didn’t want a sister. I wanted a brother so we could play catch, and I could boss him around and give him big brother advice, like my older brother Rob did for me. Girls sucked in my opinion. All they ever did was boss you around and make you play house with them and if you didn’t do what they said they would pinch you or cry about it. My sister was different, she never wanted to play house, or dress-up. A lot of the time she would follow me around, watch baseball with me and play in the mud. She didn’t care if her pretty pink dress was ruined from playing in the mud, in fact she seemed happy it had been ruined. She preferred Stretch Armstrong, Hot Wheels, and basketball as opposed to Barbie, ponies and make-up.

My sister came to my mom at age eleven and told her that she was really a boy. My mom researched Transgender and Gender Identity Disorder, and she allowed my little sister to become a boy. My mom explained to me that my little sister is Trans because of when she was in the womb, a signal went down to make the “privates”, but the message got crossed somewhere and never came back up. This caused the body to be one sex(Female) and the brain the other sex(Male). It sounds a bit weird at first, but when I look back and think about how my sister acted when she was younger it makes a lot of sense. My sister has never been girly, plus she seems a lot happier being a boy. Now I have what I always wanted; a brother.