This I Believe

Bryan - Gahanna, Ohio
Entered on January 18, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Humans operate with a cause and effect mentality. We demand answers to our questions. Without an answer or cause, we are often left very unsettled.

Since the time humans began to ask why and how, a concept of a creator or a supreme being was a plausible answer to the question of our existence. Because of our need for existential equilibrium, we often adopt a belief system that is part of our culture and upbringing or one with which we feel comfortable. We feel completed when we believe we have an answer and a path to follow.

For me, all traditional explanations fail. I believe this creation is extraordinary and the origin of its existence is beyond my comprehension. My feeble mind does not see how such a complex creation could be a result of a “Big Bang” event. Nor can I fathom a creator that is and ever was. I have rejected all dogmatic religions because none are even close to being logical to me.

I grimace at religious exclusivity that is so much a part of the dogmas of so many of the religions of our world. “God requires you to… or else…” makes no sense to me.

I also grimace at the smugness that is too prevalent among “non believers”. The “Your an idiot because you believe in…” is equally unacceptable.

Frankly, I do believe there is some sort of higher power. I am not sure what it is nor do I ever believe I will know what it is during this short time I am living in this place. I have accepted that reality. I am fearful of nothing. If there is something more than this life then “Cool!”. It will be my next great adventure. If not, then I am in store for “…a long winter’s nap.”

My Credo…

Be loving.

Be grateful.

Be hopeful.

Be tolerant.

Be forgiving.

Be a good steward of the natural world.

Be generous with your time, money, and voice and help others.

If this is how I live, then I have truly lived and the higher power most certainly will smile.