This I Believe

Nicholas - Bowling Green, Ohio
Entered on January 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that homosexuality is not a choice. I believe that our society, culture, and the pious religious leaders of our nation have got it entirely wrong. Who would want to choose a lifetime of legal and financial disadvantages, social taboos, and persecution? I know I wouldn’t. However, I believe that it is important not to hide from those who hate us.

I attend a liberal-arts college in a relatively conservative, small, rural town in north-western Ohio. I got back to my dorm room one night last semester, after spending most of the day with my politically-correct “boy-friend”, to find that someone had scribbled on the nametag on my door; ‘Dirty faggot, no one likes you,’ in black, permanent marker. It was as though the assailant was attempting to embed those words on my being instead of my nametag. And although that paper has since been thrown away and has probably been re-processed into a napkin or a paper bag by now; those words have been embedded into my mind. I may not know who, but I certainly know why he did it. He does it everyday because he is afraid of change. He doesn’t like me because I am different. Although I am different, I believe that I am a stronger and a more well-rounded person than he will ever be.

Within an hour later, guys started knocking on my door. I met five new guys from my floor that day, and learned a lot about them. I learned that not only do those straight, jock-ish guys appreciate me for who I am, but they respect me for the way I handled the situation. I delivered my opinion very clearly to the anonymous vandal in the form of a crisp white piece of paper addressed: Dear You.

I said some choice words, and acted upon my emotions, as anyone else would. I was livid, and since have grown. Though the antagonist may not have ever known what I said, I know he will keep being ignorant of the diversity which surrounds him everyday.

After my short existence on this small, yet exceptional planet, I have realized that it is important for us to stand up for our rights, because no matter our color, religion (or lack thereof), beliefs, heritage, or sexual orientation, we are all special, we are all important. Land of the Free…? Hardly, well, not yet anyway. I believe that we should all stand for who we are, and not who we hate, because we are all special, we are all unique. This I believe.