This I Believe

brandon - USA
Entered on January 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

In life change may not seem as the perfect thing to do at that point in time. It’s hard to change from a certain way things use to be done, and expect to just have everything fall in place without time and problems. Change takes time to get use to because it’s something new and unfamiliar. I had to understand what it change was really about when I left high school and began my college life at Bowling Green State University.

From playing basketball and football, to hanging out with the girls, and partying are all things of the past. These are memories that I wish I could get back because I was not ready to give them up. I miss high school days knowing that I will never get them back. I was a popular student in my high school and around my neighborhood I was known for my athletic ability, my personality, and with the opposite sex. High school was a time in my life where I had everything going for me, for example in my sophomore year my J.V. basketball team went undefeated 18-0 in the Mega Red division which is the toughest league in our area. As a junior in high school I never played football for the high school, and I was able to earn a starting position as wide receiver. I was also a great student in the classroom as well maintaining 3.4 grade point average. In my senior year I was on top of the world because I was a senior with a job and getting letters from colleges wanting me to play football for them. As my senior year came to an end so did all the fun, excitement, anticipation because I knew all this was about to change.

Making the transition from high school to college was something I thought would be an easy switch. When I made it to the campus and my mom left me I knew things were going to be hard I just didn’t know how hard. All my high school strategies were brought here to Bowling Green excepting to help me in classes. I realized quickly that high school and college are two different worlds and needed to rethink my plan to make it through college. A big issue I faced was that I didn’t know anyone on campus which made it hard for me to settle on campus. Having a car on campus, I found myself going home more than I needed to. However I didn’t have anyone to hang out with on the weekends, so I went back home. My mom and I talked everyday for about two weeks straight because she wanted to know what I was doing and I just needed a good pep talk from her. My mom was my best friend for eighteen years and to leave her was hard for me and her and still is at times.

During my first semester my life consisted of class in the morning to the football field to watch the football team practice at 1 p.m. till 6 p.m. and after that I would either be in my room or at the rec. I didn’t do too much hanging out downtown or even in other people’s room. I just stayed in my room to myself listening to music or homework. Even though I was living a totally differently life that I lived from high school I had to find the positives of being here.

I believe that going away for college has its positive effects on my life and the future. Being away from home has made me more independent, self efficient, and responsible. Without my mom around I had to learn to survive on my own. Even though it was hard I began to understand what I had to do. After all my schooling everything that college has put me through will prepare me for the real world. From having a roommate, cooking, cleaning on my own will help me in the long run. Being prepared for the real world will help me make the most important change a little less complicated. I feel this is the change that is the most important because this change turns you into an adult from the teenage years.

Going through the change from high school to college was hard and it took me some time to get adjusted it was rewarding. Change may seem to be worthless at the beginning, but give it a chance and you will see that it’s really not that bad. Without change life would be boring just doing the same old things repetitively. Change keeps the world fun, new and exciting with new technology being created frequently. Even though change can be hard everyone has to change at one point in their lives so try to look for the positives in the new way.

Living my high school year to the fullest was the best way to leave high school, but I cant stay in the past so I had to change from high school to college it wasn’t easy, but I had to fight through the problems. As time went by and realizing what needed to be done to be successful in Bowling Green I was happy with my change. Change may not be something you look forward to, because it may not happen the way you want or right when you want it to. Everything that I learned while in college will help me tremendously in the future because those were the building blocks to my career.