This I Believe

Scott - Ohio
Entered on January 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

To often in life people say they want to do something or wish they could do this or that. I believe in actions not deeds. People too frequently use the excuse of being afraid to do things that they truly believe in or want to do. People always feel as if they shouldn’t take risks and should just play it safe. I always wonder how a person can go through life like that. I’m only 19 years old and haven’t had half the experiences most people have had. Still I like to believe that I am living my life by this philosophy constantly.

When I was 14 I was diagnosed with cancerous tumors in my intestine. I still remember the day the doctor told us. My mother started to cry while my dad was speechless. I on the other hand was calm. I wasn’t scared nor was I worried. I should have been but I wasn’t. Then the doctor told us that we had caught it so early that they could do surgery and get the tumors out with little risk. The surgery that I had was extensive and left me weak for days afterwards. Even though the surgery went well I still had to undergo treatment for the cancer cells that were left. I didn’t have to undergo chemo but I did have to drink this acidic solution that was supposed to coat and destroy the cells. This tasted like tar and made me vomit every time.

This experience didn’t scar me for life as many cancer patients are. I on the other hand came out of it with a new found outlook. Facta non Verba or Deed not Word. This simple phrase is something that I try to live my life by daily. I can’t see any reason why anyone should not do something that they want to do. When life is so short and can have unexpected turns and end so quickly why waste your time regretting things that you “should’ve done”. Act on all of your words and thoughts everyday or be content to live a life of regret.