This I Believe

David - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on January 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humanism

I believe that people are greedy. As humans, we are propelled by an insatiable want for more. Most animals are content once their basic needs are met, but we drive on excessively. We fill ourselves with everything we can. As Americans, our greed of food has pushed us to unprecedented levels of diabetes and obesity, while other countries are starving off. The “good” religious selfishly seek to fill themselves with God, to attain enlightenment, or ready themselves as best as possible for “the end”; all cloaked by seemingly selfless acts that are really done out of fear. The “bad” religious seek larger congregations and aspire to larger monetary offerings. Doctors justify charging for bad diagnoses with 12 year degrees backed up by experience. Lawyers defend the defeated and helpless with tactics that attach themselves to a hefty price. Countries wage wars on each other at the cost of human life for the gain of material profit.

The other day I saw this guy in line at lunch ahead of me with two girls. Now, from previous first-hand experience with this guy I know that in reality he is a jerk. But he is real nice to these girls even though they seem more like friendly strangers then anything else. But this time around it wouldn’t be beneficial to this guy to be a jerk, so he’s nice to them, he has something to gain. He wants to get laid, obviously.

But who am I to judge? I have dated my girlfriend for almost two years, and my reasons are greedy as well. I would do anything for her. Is it love? maybe. I do care about her, but I conduct selfless acts and forgive her flaws as a security to myself that we will last, that neither of us will be alone. This commitment is for a mysterious and very greedy need to coexist with her as consciously peaceful as possible. I strive beyond myself for her, for us, for me.

I believe that everyone is greedy. But the world is not a bad place, because in the end I believe that within our insatiable wants we all seek a collective coexistence. People are not all bad, all people are greedy. It is this I believe.