This I Believe

Chelsea - University Place, Washington
Entered on January 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Money is the fuel to the fire of destruction. It seems like everything done in life is only for the money. Because like they say money makes the world go ‘round. Money sadly has become everything. Without it, you’re nothing. This is something that I learned as I got a little older and a little more aware of the world around me. I believe that money rules the world.

Just for the gain of money, people will give up their self pride. They’ll just throw it away like its nothing. I was always taught to respect myself. How my body was my temple and I was obligated to respect that. I have a lot of pride for myself but not the cocky arrogant stuff, just good pride. I would never sell myself out just for a buck, I don’t care what bills are waiting. There are so many legitimate ways to earn money now, but nobody really cares. I don’t think that the easiest way out is the best way. Without pride, I would lose who I am and who I am becoming.

Within the past few years going through all of the adolescent, teenager, puberty fit, I’ve realized that money is status. I go to school just to see who has the latest; who has the most. It’s like there’s a hierarchy depending on what jeans you wear, the shoes you walk through dirt in, the car your best friend’ s mother drives. It’s ridiculous! If you can wear North Face jackets, Seven jeans, Ugg boots, and get driven to school in a Lexus you have status. Kids take one look at you and think, “Oh, her daddy has funds!” I’m not trying to say anything bad about good jeans and comfy shoes because I’m guilty of owning them. My point is that they build your status. I hear all the time, “Oh she has money”, “She has expensive stuff.” But honestly, my parents are fighting the evil monster called debt. But I guess it’s the price you pay for some status.

Being the type to want to plan out my entire future, I always search for my purpose. Lately I’m seeing that people have stopped working for the love of the job and are working for the love of the money. The other night when my step dad asked me what I wanted to do, he mentioned how he had joined the military because he wanted to do something for others. I thought do I want to help others? which is actually really selfish, but every woman for herself because how can you survive in a cutthroat world where money is necessity trying to help everyone but yourself? I came upon the conclusion that in life I want my purpose to be something like raising and being devoted to my family. But that isn’t a tangible idea without the proper cash flow. I have to make money to fulfill some kind of purpose.

When I was younger I never had to worry about bills, debt, budgets. I never really noticed any of it. I always understood when my mom could afford to buy me a Barbie or not but I never actually grasped that money was tight, or scarce, or going into things unheard of to me, little six years olds don’t know what a mortgage is. Growing older and wiser I have learned that money is costing us our values. My riches will be the death of me, money is the enemy. I believe that money rules the world.