This I Believe

Courtney - Boyd, Minnesota
Entered on January 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Being a Lauren

I was five years old when my mother taught me my biggest life lesson. It was the day of Tyler’s birthday. I was just one of the several girls in my kindergarten class who chased him around the playground. Another boy at the party, named Brent, was never chased around on the playground.

After going to the toy store and picking out the best gift, which would surely win Tyler’s heart, my mother drove me to the party and came inside. I walked in and Tyler came to me immediately. He took me into his room and told me how excited he was that I had shown up, because he also had a crush on me. Of course, my heart went pitter patter. I was a five year old in love. We walked out to the party, hand in hand. There I saw Brent, sitting in the corner by himself. My mother asked me why I never played with Brent. I told her that all the girls liked Tyler, and he was my boyfriend now. She said it was time I learned about Lauren.

When my mother was in middle school, she wasn’t well liked by the other kids. She was a skinny girl with big glasses and didn’t dress the way people liked. Some called her names and others ignored her. There was one girl in her sixth grade class named Lauren. She had beautiful, long, blonde hair. She dressed just right and was the leader of the popular girls. She sat in front of my mother all throughout the sixth grade and never said much to her.

One day, my mother sneezed. Lauren turned around and in the sweetest voice she said, ‘bless you’ and handed her a tissue. Her noticing that my mother was there brightened her day. The next day, Lauren brought her yarn kit. She braided together beautiful yarn bracelets. Lauren’s friends envied her bracelets but she kept them all tucked away in a box. That day, instead of handing my mother a tissue, she handed her a bracelet and told her that she had been saving it for someone special. They didn’t become best friends, but my mother hadn’t expected that. She knew that as soon as school was over, Lauren would go home with her popular friends and forget all about her. But she also knew that every day, she could count on someone to be nice to her and to treat her like everyone else. Lauren is someone she will never forget.

After hearing this story, I walked towards Brent and sat down next to him in the corner. I unwrapped the gift I bought for Tyler and handed it to Brent. His face lit up. I learned he was not much different than Tyler.

Although I never met Lauren, I will never forget her either. She has changed my perception of others. I believe in being nice to everyone and giving everyone a chance. I believe in being a Lauren.