This I Believe

Thanan - seattle 98115, Washington
Entered on January 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure, purpose

Self indulgence, this I believe. To whom do you owe it to when you have to get up early or have to stay up late? Who sticks with you through hard times? I believe that you should reward yourself once and a while, even if it is with a bite of bitter-sweet chocolate or a quite night watching your favorite T.V. show. Self-indulgence is sweet quite time to relax or even at a loud concert enjoying your favorite band. Indulgence can be whatever you want to be. Ever since ancient times self-indulgence has been practiced from Aztecs playing games, people knitting and even today with kids playing video games and watching movies. That is why self indulgence is so great; it can be anything from a hobby to a simple food or even the smell of fresh mown hay; As long as you enjoy it.

Self-indulgence is not thinking to hard about what to do or not enjoying yourself. Self-indulgence shouldn’t be hurting someone else. It should also not be against the laws or something that would get yourself into a lot of trouble. Maybe you could instead try something that you think is really bad or even something that you have never done in your life before. Filling yourself with adrenaline, making your hair stand on it’s ends, making your heart throb or even making your blood boil like fire. These are a lot better then breaking the law.

There are so many choices I mean come on; you can fight for what you believe. Unless you live under a rock you should be able to think of something, even working hard is indulgence for some people, so is sitting down on a seat and relaxing for a couple of minutes after a long hard day. Sometimes the best indulgence is shared with another special person, like a family member or a close friend or even a pet. You could also like to help people and volunteer just to see their faces as your self indulgence.

Try to imagine a world without enjoyment or relaxation, boring huh? Well, try to imagine a world where everyone relaxed and enjoyed themselves everyday, great huh? So get out there and enjoy yourself, there is only one you and you owe it to your self to indulge this I believe.