This I Believe

Arielle - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on January 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

John Wooden says, “Young people need models not critics”. John Wooden has always believed in the positive of the world and bringing out the best in people. Ever since we were little we have been judged on how we do things in life. Whether it was painting a picture or playing a sport. We are told if we do something a different way than everyone else it was wrong and we were criticized.

In my freshman year of high school, I was in a Fashion Merchandising class. One day we were sketching our clothes line and as the teacher was checking on how they were coming along. She stopped when she got to me and told me that my drawings were bad and I had to redo them. I was crushed because I had been working on them for weeks. She could have told me in a less blunt way or given me tips on how to improve my sketches. My teacher rarely said to anyone that they were doing a good job. She would ignore our sketches, and she would point out the flaws and make us redo everything to her standards, as perfect.

I believe that the younger generations should always have someone to look to for support, encouragement, and guidance. We should be able to do

things uniquely without having someone say, “That is wrong, do it again!” So what if we do things differently. Our life is not a movie, therefore we do not need critics analyzing our every thought and doing. Not every single little thing needs to be done how society believes it should. The world does not revolve around everyone doing everything the same. Teachers and parents should always be helpful and encouraging in helping younger generations succeed because they are the future and one day they will be making most of the decisions in the world. So we should be encouraged to do things however we want to as long as it right. We do not need people criticizing every single thing we do. We will feel as if we can not do anything right.