This I Believe

Andy - Palm Desert, California
Entered on January 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

Adversity Is the Spice of Life

I believe that adversity is the spice of life. I believe that life is not fulfilling if you can just breeze by the day without being hindered by some challenge that really gets your blood rushing or ruffles your feathers. Challenges inside and out of personal life help grow the soul and expand the borders of your own experience.

When I was in my junior year of high school, my best friend, Jefferson Pitner, died to due trauma from boxing with his friends. It was the worst experience of my life to have to see my best friend dying and to later know that he had died in the hospital. I went into a deep depression and genuinely believed that life was not just fair but proactive in its determination to ruin lives.

Now, to look upon that traumatic experience from a perspective that has matured since the day of his death, I can begin to see the ways my life has changed. I do not take for granted every day that I live anymore because I know that life does not last forever and that each day needs to be appreciated. The loss of a friend has made me evaluate my relationships with my other friends. The bonds that grew between my other friends have become stronger and those friendships helped my cope with the loss of a friend. From the ashes of loss grew the roots and stems of new friendship and those stems have since become the mighty trunks of the trees of friendship and camaraderie. Friends should not be taken for granted and this I learned in the most reality shattering way. It is rare to have true friendship and to lose that friendship can destroy one’s beliefs of life. I do not take for granted friends anymore and now I even give thanks for people that I would consider friendly acquaintances because there is a potential for a bond to flourish if an experience should bring us together.

The uncertainty of life implores us to suck the marrow out every single day and to learn from every problem that you encounter on your path of life. I have learned from challenges that life is as uncertain as the wind but that same uncertainty makes life more than just the school day or the nine o’clock to five o’clock shift. Life becomes a spring time river, rich from winter snows of experience, which may overflow its banks and carve new paths at a whim. This is the course of that life takes and which adversity sprinkles with the pleasant flavors of saffron or rosemary. However at time, adversity may use a heavy hand with the strong and sometimes less favorable spices like cayenne pepper or curry powder but these flavors only enhance the pallet with different experiences that allow for the mouth to truly live.