This I Believe

Andrea - ypsalanti, Michigan
Entered on January 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Andi L


I believe that I need certain feelings to keep the joy of living. These feelings give me a sense of purpose, fun, and skill. I need these feelings to help me to decide how I act and my attitude throughout my life.

I know that I am here for a purpose to be my own person to spread God’s word and his kindness. To have a purpose and know what it is makes me feel like I’m special. Like I have something that only I have and I need to share or tell this special thing to others. That feeling helps me when it comes to tolerating with some people that really annoy me sometimes. This summer when I went to volleyball camp there was this girl who would bother everyone just because she could. Since I knew that my purpose was to spread god’s kindness and word instead of yelling at her like other people were doing I decided to be nice even though it really killed me. Another way I show my purpose for spreading god’s word is wearing Christian clothes. Even though I do get taunted people will ask me questions about what I am wearing and this makes me feel really good because I am fulfilling my special purpose.

I believe that I need a little fun. For me fun makes my life a lot more thrilling and worthwhile. Fun for me gives me a feeling of complete relaxation, lift and a love for the activity that helps me to have fun. Fun feels like I can put everything that bothers me away and just feel happy to be alive. For fun I play volleyball and I “drive” myself to do my best in the sport. Sometimes volleyball can get really hard especially when you have to do running drills but I keep playing because to me the game is more than just work, to me it’s really fun. Even though Volleyball is hard I respect and love the sport for all of the thrills I have with it. This volleyball season I had to run a mile every day. I hated to do this and at first it was horrible and I wanted to quit however I knew that this would help me to be a better player so I kept up with it and this season went great.

The feeling that my skills give me is great and makes me feel like I can make a real difference in everything and anything I do. One of my skills that I have that makes me feel good is writing. To know that I can write something that can affect people is amazing to me. For my confirmation I had to write and narrate a paper about what my faith means to me. While reading the paper out loud I had managed to make everyone laugh at least once and then at the very end I noticed that they were all crying. That made me feel as if they had taken the whole meaning of my paper and to make such a big reaction was very moving to me.

The feelings of purpose, fun, and skill always give me the drive to do the things I love and help me to live my life to the fullest. These feelings control my actions and make me who I am.