This I Believe

molly - springfield, Illinois
Entered on January 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I believe that people should wash and wax their own vehicles. During my childhood, my

dad has always preached to us that a clean car is important. He even went as far as threatening to take away our cars at the young age of sixteen if upon inspection they were too dirty for his taste.

With these checkups, I have always tried to keep my car in an organized manner. If my dad would only take a stroll through the school parking lot, I think that he would be horrified. The majority of the vehicles out there are in dire need of a washing. Some people just

do not care. A clean car is obviously not a priority of their’s at this time, or they have the motto of the thicker the dusk on the car, the easier it is to doodle on. Either way, my dad would be all over them.

I also disapprove of the automatic car wash. I just do not like them. They miss spots at times, and seem to be used more in comedies than for actual cleaning purposes. Cleaning your car is more of a social experience too. When I am outside cleaning my car with the sponge, hose, and bucket, my neighbors pass by and it allows time for conversations instead of focusing on escaping the pathway before the giant dryer tells you you’re out of time. People rush too much in today’s world. Why not take some time for yourself that ends up as a benefit? Hey, you have a sparkling car afterwards.

The normal routine in the Miller household is waxing each car at least one a year. Sometimes two if the person is feeling extra attached to the vehicle. I do not understand why people pay someone else to wax their car. What pride do you get out of that? I personally enjoy people acknowledging the fact that my car is shiny. It gives me the opportunity to state that I did that project myself, not “Oh yeah, I paid a lot of money for that. Thanks for noticing.” Whatever happen to building your status on what you yourself can accomplish, not what you can afford?

My dad’s practices obviously have had a lasting impact on me. People in our

neighborhood even refer to us as the family that makes them clean their cars so they don’t get “left behind.” Its good to see people take pride in what they own. Even with today’s comforts and the technology being outstanding, I still believe that some good hard elbow grease work is good for this world, and if hand washing my own car is where I start, then so be it.