A Lesson about Procrastination

Trisha - Grace, Idaho
Entered on January 16, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

After getting both my son and I ready for the day we left the house to go to the store. It was not bad weather at all outside so we just walked the block and a half. While we were wondering up and down the aisles I started to get sharp pains in my back and lower abdomen. Even though I was pregnant at the time, I knew there was no way that these were labor pains, I was not even due for another 2 months. The pains continued off and on for the entire 30 minutes that we were at the store.

When I returned home I called my closest friend to ask her opinion about the back pain that I was having. Since my first child was overdue, my labor was educed and pain meds were administered immediately. I had never really known what labor pains felt like. As I spoke with my friend it became apparent that the pain I was feeling was definitely labor. My friend rushed over to my house and took my son and myself to the local hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital the nurse wrote all of my information down, then hooked me up to several monitors, and called for the doctor. When the doctor came in the room he examined me and asked me to tell him everything that had I had felt that morning. After I informed him of the steady off and on pain I had been experiencing. He told me that I was in labor but he was going to give me medicine that will hopefully stop it. He also explained to me all of the many things that can happen to my baby and myself if he was not able to stop the labor.

Unfortunately for me the medicine did not work. 3 doses and 5 hours later I was in an ambulance getting transported to a larger hospital that was more equipped to take care of my premature baby girl.

When I got to Bannock hospital, as soon as the door to the ambulance opened I felt my abdomen tighten and pains struck my pelvis. The EMT’s rushed me down the hall to the delivery room. Within 35 minutes after arriving I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was perfect, not quite ready to come home yet, but still perfect.

Only one thing was wrong with the whole situation. I had not yet bought any baby items, because I thought I still had 2 months. My husband made a mad dash to the store and bought anything he could think of that the baby would need. Being a woman and a mother I was not thrilled about the array of items that he came back with. To this day I believe in doing things the minute that you think of them. Waiting until the last minute for anything will only cause panic and disaster.