This I Believe

Vishal - 48105, Michigan
Entered on January 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe: Being Content with myself

I believe in being content with myself based on what goals I want to reach, not those that others set for me. I have been in multiple situations in which I have been content with what I got on a test or a mile run time but my peers or parents haven’t been content. In order to be content with yourself, you have to first have faith in yourself and you’re ability to reach the goals that you set for yourself and that you can explain your choice to be content with yourself.

One situation in which I had to be content with myself was when I ran the mile and I got a 7:25. Some of my friends got between 6:30 and 8:00. When some of my friends asked why I hadn’t achieved a better mile time and I said that “I am happy with a 7:25 and if you think that you need a better time than that, that’s great but I am good with my time”.

Another situation in which I was content with myself was when I got a 92 on my math test. I was happy with this score. Although my mom was ok with this score, she still thought that I wasn’t doing my best and wasn’t content with this score. I thought that I could also do better and took her advice and I got a 95 the next time. I took advice that made me happier with myself but didn’t allow someone else to set my goals.

People are content with themselves at different stages of wealth, prosperity, and how much they succeeded in life. For me, I won’t be content until I have achieved every goal that I have set for myself. Being content with your self isn’t always easy. It takes time to get used to not always living up to other people’s standards that are set for you but it will payoff in the end. You will never feel disappointed if you always live up to your own standards and feel content with your self based on the goals you want to reach, not goals that other people set for you.