This I Believe

Ashley - Gresham, Oregon
Entered on January 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

I believe in gay marriage. I believe that two men or two women should be able to get married without anyone judging them. Marriage is not about gender, race, religion, or anything like that. Marriage is about love. I believe a gay couple shouldn’t be discriminated. When they go out people shouldn’t stare, point, or laugh at them just because they’re different. I strongly believe people shouldn’t commit hate crimes or hurt gat people just because they don’t like the fact that the person is gay. I can’t explain how sorry I am for Matt Shepard and Brandon Teena who lost their lives because people thought that since they were gay, they had no life they could hurt them. I believe that someone who is gay shouldn’t feel like they have to hide it from every one. They shouldn’t be shy about their sexual orientation. Then again, I can understand why they’d be so scared or shy. Some people are so immature when it comes to homosexuality, that they feel making fun of gays is a way to hide their immaturity or they think it’s funny that their different. I just get so mad when people make fun of gays because some of my good friends are gay. I couldn’t that some people could be so cruel. I mean no one likes when their friends are being made fun of especially about their sexuality.

Now when it comes to a gay couple raising children, I have nothing against it. If a gay couple wants to adopt, I’m very happy a child can be taken out of an orphanage. I think a gay couple wouldn’t have a problem when it comes to raising kids.

I have also heard of people not being able to get a job because their gay. I think that is outrageous and very upsetting. That’s just like saying “You’re gay and I don’t like gay people or I think they’re weird, so I’m not going to give you a job.” That’s a horrible thing to say and no one has any right to say that about someone. That’s also just like making fun of them because they’re gay.

Some think that if a gay couple gets married, they’ll just end up getting a divorce. This does happen, yet it also happens with heterosexual couples. Marriage is about commitment, devotion, love and happiness. So if a gay couples wants to get married and their committed and devoted, then I say why not?

I believe a gay couple can raise children just like a straight couple can. I believe they should be able to go out without being stared at. I believe that they should be able to get a job with no questions asked about their sexual orientation. I believe that gays should be able to express their sexuality without being criticized or ridiculed. I believe in gay marriage.