This I Believe

Angelo - Belleville, New Jersey
Entered on January 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that education is the key to accomplish all goals in life. You can have ambition, drive, and a plan; however in today’s society, education is most important. As many times as I was told to get a good education by countless people I blew it off as if it meant nothing. I have grown to realize that our society looks at education as the most important factor. From a young age, everyone around me stressed about how important my schooling would be for me. Now that I am in high school, it has come clear to me that it is essential. You will not excel in today’s society unless you have a good education.

Countless people have tried to influence me, such as the guy I work with. He is

very concerned on how well I am doing in school and constantly stresses to me about how important a college education is. Within the past two years, he has made me into a believer of what he preaches. However, I have discovered that this man that speaks so highly of education is not all that educated himself. Not only does this man succeed in the skills he practices everyday, but he posseses a much wider variety of skills, such as working under the hood of a truck, and making plans to build a house. He is a self taught mechanic, plumber, mason, electrician, and much more. He works in a trucking company and will not receive a chance to move up the social ladder because he does not have a college degree. Even though all of us that are close to him, including himself, are well

aware that he is just as capable of someone who possesses a college degree to land a high-paying job, he is trapped for the rest of his life as a mechanic. He feels that he is too old to go back now to achieve a higher education, and wants a better life for me. He tells

me that I need to absorb as much information as I can while I’m young. Most importantly, he states that I need a get that “degree” to achieve anything in life. He says if I do not better my education, I will be stuck as a “grease monkey” for the rest of my


One of my teachers had told me that “if you have a poor education you will have a poor job, you will eat poor food, you will hang out with poor people, you will

live in a poor house, pretty much live a poor lifestyle”. On the other hand he stated that if you get “a good education you will have a good job, and live in a good house…” and so on. After much consideration, I now realize how right these role models of mine are. As much as I would love to continue my job working at the garage for the rest of my life, I now know that nothing will ever amount to the value of a good education.