This I Believe

Ashley - St. Petersburg, Florida
Entered on January 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe….People

By: Ashley Seay

I believe people have the power to be great individuals. To be whatever they want as long as their hearts and souls are in the right place. People have the power to change the world. People make up the world; not the air, trees or bodies of water. To be a person is a priceless gift that no one should ever take away. I know everyone is not always as “sweet as pie,” but the truth is they are people. People should determine the future. People shouldn’t let their parents, friends, or teachers think for them. I also believe every person has the potential to be the next president; male or female.

It shouldn’t matter where you came from, it should matter where you’re going. I strongly believe people shouldn’t listen to stereotypes because everyone has the power to change the stereotype. People are like a good book, once you open it you can’t bear to put it down. Yes, people have problems and go through struggles but that shouldn’t be a reason to not like them, it should be a reason to help them. I also believe everyone was put on this Earth to help one another in our time of need.