This I Believe

Francisco Rivera - Dunkirk, New York
Entered on January 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

Francisco Rivera

This I Believe

In my life I have been through many obstacles. Many of them put me down to a point were I just wanted to be alone. Being alone made me feel good because no one could make me feel down. I learned to never give up and never let anyone put me down by my mother and sister, this is what I believe.

My mother at age 16 had my older sister and she lived in the mountains in Puerto Rico. My grandparents kicked her out of the house because they disapproved on having a baby at that young age. My mother was a middle school drop out because she had to work on the farm with my grandpa. When my mom got kicked out she went to live with my great aunt for a couple of years. My mother had no income in Puerto Rico so when she got older she moved to Boston, Mass with her sister. Here she got a job and started to make money and raised my sister on her own. This makes me feel good because I know that no matter how bad things were she never gave up.

My sister was another person who made me believe in never quitting. She was 15 when she had my first nephew. She was a high school drop out because it was too hard for her to raise the baby and go to school. My mother did not kick her out the house because she did not want to be like her mother and she wanted to raise the kid with my sister so she can learn from her. When my sister dropped out she started working at grocery stores until she turned 18. Then she left the house and got her own apartment and worked at factories. She was strong because she practically raised the kid by herself meaning no father and learned from my mother. Finally she got her GED and became a Certified Nurses Aid. These two people remind me that to never give up and always become better.

Right now I am a okay writer but I want to become better so I took creative writing. At the beginning I thought to myself that I could never write creatively because I was not very creative at anything. As time went on I did not give up because I knew that if I keep on going I will do it and I would regret ever giving up. Now I am a better writer and never do I give up in anything because anything is possible.