This I Believe

Jessica - chaska, Minnesota
Entered on January 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe self confidence is something everyone should have. Self confidence is important in everything that you do, say or believe in. I also believe that you must have self confidence in order to have a good relationship with someone as in your family, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, and teachers, or just anyone.

I had been brought to this belief after I had been in a relationship which had taken me away from everything. This relationship had completely changed my life for the worst. It had made me have absolutely no self confidence. I had been taken away from friends, family, school, and myself. I was not me; I was emotionally beaten to the ground I had thought that I didn’t belong to anything or anyone. I didn’t fit in and I wasn’t supposed to be here on earth. I was a very emotional person and anything anyone said good or bad I would take it to heart, even if I hadn’t thought it was true just because I had no self confidence. I had been so lost in my feelings and so confused but I knew I needed to get out and start fresh I knew that this relationship was truly killing me. It wasn’t healthy. Even my family could tell that something was not right. My cousin Nikki had finally sat me down and gave me the confidence to end the relationship. She told me that she could see that I was hurting and that I needed to start fresh. I agreed and had ended it that night. After I had ended it, well the few weeks after I still believed that I was no good to this place and I didn’t belong. I needed someone that I could talk to and figure out my life in order to start over.

I had met someone new, some one great. His name is Eric and he understood everything that was going on in my life. He knew I needed someone to build me back up to the person I once was. He knew I had to gain self confidence. I had talked to him and told him a lot of my feelings. I told him about my relationship and what it had done to me. I had never even dreamed about sharing these feelings with someone before but I thought to myself I need to start completely fresh and learn how to trust again. Eric and I had been dating for the past ten months and I have completely changed. I believe in the things that I say the things that I do and what I believe in. I have gained one hundred times more confidant then which I had been ever before.

I believe self confidence is a very important piece that everyone needs. You should never have to feel like your nothing or that anything you say doesn’t matter. You should have enough faith in yourself to be proud of who you are and where you come from. I believe in self confidence.