This I Believe

Matthew - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on January 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humanism

Most of my life I have been plagued by questions, seeking answers has only brought about more questions. I have however come to believe that everything comes together in a very delicate balance.

Each and every day I see things shifting back and forth on the grand scale of life. I recently lost one of my dogs and yet I feel that much closer to my other animals with this loss. I broke up a woman I called my fiancé, but now date the most wonderful woman I have ever come to know. I’ve asked my friends about topics in politics, religion, even what they find wrong in each other, and the answers on even such a small scale seemed to be split down the middle keeping a balance of good and bad points. I have seen much more, but these are a few examples of what I seen over my years that help establish what I am trying to express in my conversations with others.

I was raised to be a ‘devil’s advocate’ of sorts. When people begin to speak favoring a particular side, I am inclined to show them the finer points of the opposite side. I don’t do this to be confrontational, not even a little; I do this because I believe so greatly in this balance. All too often I see ignorance towards things people don’t like or understand. Why do people only embrace their side of the argument? That is the question I ask myself over and over again; never really speaking on a topic with my own views just to keep a good debate going. What makes them more right than the person across the way? I can not say for certain, after all the worldview of individuals is typically so vast in structure that defining the base of said view would take quite some time, at any deep level, to understand.

What I do see then is an entire world filled with individuals. Individuals that all vary in opinion, knowledge, and experience. Studying individuals every chance I get continues to strengthen my own belief in the balance called civilization. This place we live in is as diverse as the people that live in it. We cannot all come together, we would lose our individuality if we did, and our balance would be offset.