This I Believe

Rowda - hopkins, Minnesota
Entered on January 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Sometimes one smile means more than a dozen of roses”, that quote was in my old English textbook. I remember that specific quote, because I believe in a smile.

I have been to many places. Moving from one country to another, I never felt as if I belonged or fit in anywhere.

I was born in Montreal, Quebec, but am originally from Somalia. A year later I moved to Millbrook, New York, then to Rochester, Minnesota. Five years later I moved to the United Arab Emirates. Now I’m back in America.

I was always the new kid, I always felt lonely, and cold, until someone would throw me a smile, and I would be happy as a clown.

In my eighth grade year, I was the new kid to pick on. I was also one of the rare black kids in the school, so I was obviously an easy target. I felt very uncomfortable, and down. I really didn’t like it there.

Things basically were like that for the rest of the year. One day we came back from break, and there was a new face in the crowd. All she seemed to be doing was smiling. She was a Libyan girl named Eman Daw. Little did I know that a single smile would make us best of friends. It is kind of ironic because as my teacher says she was the new kid and even though, she reached out first.

I see smiles as the sun to my moonless nights. I really get cheerful when someone simply smiles at me. A smile is my kind of medicine for a long, sad, soul.

In the Arabic culture a smile is considered as charity and is taken as a gift.

A smile may just be an expression where your mouth curves, but to me a smile means that there is more room for happiness in this world. A smile can move mountains. A smile can fix a broken heart. A smile can make you feel better, and isn’t that what everyone is looking for?

If a smile makes me happy why wouldn’t it make everyone else happy too? So I try to pass on a smile every time I can. I usually don’t smile, so I try my best. It isn’t that much work, but the result is worth a lot. Once there was this girl in my class, named Maryam Odir. She was like me, a new kid, and was also one of the kids who were bullied. She was always sad and lacked self-esteem; she never used to talk to anyone except me. I asked her why, and she said that she talked to me because of my absent-minded smile. My smile made her feel she worth something to me. I realized that a smile has the same effect on not only me, but everyone else around me.

Just smile and show that you are happy. Trust me it will make others feel the same.

by: Rowda M.F