This I Believe

Sara - Lake Linden, Michigan
Entered on January 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

Has anyone ever told you to start acting your age and stop acting your shoe size? I have. I’ve been told that so many times in my life. I can barely count the times I’ve been told that in the past week.

All sorts of people have told me this. Friends, family, enemies. People I don’t even know say it. But I don’t care. I think it’s all right to act like you’re in elementary school again.

As long as it’s fun I’ll do it. Even if it consists of acting like I’m seven years old again, then sure why not? I think everybody should have a little bit of kid left in them. I hate when I see people not do something they want to do because they’re too “old” or too “cool” for it.

I don’t think you can be too old or cool for anything. It’s all right to run and jump around outside all day. Having grass stains on your knees isn’t that bad. Go and play hide and seek or tag with your little cousins. Better yet, do it with your friends.

A lot of people get annoyed with me and my friends. We are always screaming and running around like idiots. Just like kids. We don’t care though. We love to go to parks and play on the slides. We are always walking around singing out loud like nobody’s there.

Now this doesn’t mean that me or any of my friends are complete idiots. We know that there’s a time for seriousness. But I will admit that when I get out of control and I don’t know when to stop sometimes. People either like me for it or they don’t. Luckily I have met some really good friends that are just like me in some ways. They could really care less what people think of them. That’s why were friends, I guess.

I now know the next time someone asks me to do something that’s meant for a five year old, I’ll do it. I believe that acting your shoe size is the best thing you can do. Whenever somebody tells me to act my age then I know for sure I was having fun. I will never act my age. I think it’s the best thing I will ever live by. This I believe.