This I Believe

Haylee - Mangham, Louisiana
Entered on January 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

All my life, death had been around me. People died every day. It was on the news, in the papers, and right in front of my eyes the whole time. Still, nothing could prepare me for when my cousin died. He had always been there, but I never thought about what it would be like with him gone. When I first found out he had been in a wreck, I remember my heart started beating fast and I got this image in my mind. The image was of my family hugging because he was okay. Sadly, in the next breath, I knew that could not happen, for I knew he was dead. I was left with things I had never said and a changed point of view. From that day on, I could see the beauty in everything, and death had made me stronger. The pain lessens, but a person can never truly “get over” death. I didn’t.