This I Believe

Marc - Syosset, New York
Entered on January 13, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

My belief is not unique to me. In fact, many may call it cliched. Many of us have been taught this belief, but few of us, me included, have heeded the lesson. I believe that we should hold dear what we have, before it’s too late to fully appreciate them.

I am a fortunate man. I just didn’t always recognize that fact. At fifty-one I still have my parents. They’re wonderful people who have continuously set an example of how to live. They didn’t set this example by being didactic. They set this example by being themselves. I have a wife, the smartest, most logical and best intentioned person I know. I have a brother and sister, uncles and aunts and cousins who are all anyone can ask for in relations.

I also have a neurological disease. It’s in the beginning stages and may not progress any further. I was diagnosed about two years ago.

I took for granted the activities that are instinctive, until I had to start thinking about them. I can’t say that there are certain things I no longer can do. I can say that there are certain things that I no longer feel comfortable doing.

How has this effected my daily outlook? I’ve learned to be more cognizant of my environment. It’s the rare person who is not afflicted by worries. Whether they are their own or those of a close friend or family member. Whether their worries are health related or financial.

The people around me are sympathetic. They are fine shoulders to lean upon. I always try to remember that it’s a “two way street.” Their problems are just as meaningful and challenging to them as mine are to me. I don’t anticipate that my friends will ever ignore me. Neither should I get so enveloped in my own problems that I should forget that my friends also have problems

When I was first diagnosed, I thought to myself that “today may be the best day that I have left.” I now believe that I can have that same thought which was then a negative thought and make it into a positive thought. Since today is my best day, why not enjoy the day?