This I Believe

Steve - Berthoud, Colorado
Entered on January 12, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

A Day Without “G”

I know you haven’t thought about this…imagine your day without the letter “G”?

G starts things off on a good note: “Good morning” . And it ends the day the same way: “Good night.”

G helps you communicate feelings: “oh Gee”, “Geewhiz”, “Geez o’peete”, “geewhillakers”, or maybe just use G-mail.

G is musical: country music as easy as G-D-C. Banjos are tuned to naturally play anything in G. And, if you create something musically new and popular, you just may get a Grammy for it.

G is funny too: consider guffaw, giggle or playing a gag. Being silly is just being a goofball. Being a goofball and a grown-up at the same time gets you the name Matt Groenig.

G can be difficult: do you know what a gadoid is? What am I doing if I gormandize? Would you risk storing your company’s inventory in a godown? And is the US considering a gynarchy?

G is on the cutting edge of responsible living: just pick up a copy of G magazine, you know…it’s for green lifestyles. Be green.

G is for alternate lifestyles too…just ask any person who proudly is gay.

G is culinary: garnish puts the finishing touches on anything expensive. And what would Italian food be without garlic?

G is lush: just stay in the 5-star “g” hotel in Galway, Ireland, where you can enjoy a Gin & Tonic or a Gimlet, or a nice Gaelic whisky.

G is all about business: Gateway, General Motors, GE, Gannett Publishing, General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Goodrich and Goodyear. And if you can’t find what you want, when you want it, just Google it.

G is all about wealth: I want a salary of 500 G’s a year. Maybe that isn’t setting the bar high enough…maybe I want my name to end in G…like maybe Gates…William Gates III comes to mind. Having that name makes 500 G’s a year a donation, not a salary.

G is patriotic: there’s nothing like telling someone you’ve been a GI.

G is scientific: a smallcase g is the all-important gram. Without it, how would you tell someone how much you have? A capital G stands for a gravitational constant. That may not sound important to you but without gravity, who knows where I’d float off to.

G is sexy: do I have to mention G-spot or the G-string? Am I confusing you? There’s a G-string on a guitar too, but you play that a tad differently than you do other G-string’s I am thinking about. Some go ga-ga over it.

G is worldly: Greece, Germany, Greenland, and even Georgia. If you wanted, you could travel all the way to Gabon, do you know where that is?

G is all about families: just look for the G-rated movies to be safe.

G is for what I believe in: and that’s God.

So you see, “G” is the most versatile letter in the alphabet, for without it, you’re life would be incomplete.

Good day!