This I Believe

Bryan - chicago/IL/60625, Illinois
Entered on January 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

This I Believe

If life is anything, it is certainly hectic. Among the challenge and competition against each other, so many people are racing to reach their ideal of the perfect life. Whether I am joining a club merely to impress my “ideal college,” or stressing about the littlest of details, sometimes believing that one error will diminish my chances for success, life can become a constantly demanding job to keep up with. It is in this attempt towards an ideal life of easily attained happiness do I find myself competing against people who are fighting towards the same dream. I believe that life is filled with competition, but if I never give up, I can achieve anything.

When I attended my elementary school in 7th grade, I was required to take an admissions test to determine what public high school I would attend. This was a critical moment in my life; I felt as if my entire future was being determined by one single test. I competed against 12000 other students, who all wanted one school in particular, Northside College Prep. I believed that this school was the best in the Chicago land area, and could provide an education that would support me into my college years and beyond. I felt as if Northside was an angelic gateway to an infinite span of wonder and excitement. It would be filled by people like me who were passionate about learning, helping each other in the pursuit of knowledge. I knew that Northside was the only school worth attending, so I studied rigorously, took the test, and eventually, my hard work paid off; my acceptance to Northside was not denied. I was allowed to go to the school that I dreamed of for so long.

I loved Northside. During my freshman year, I have been able to learn in a privileged environment, and meet many friends that I have grown to love. I knew at that point that if I continued to work hard my future would be great, no matter what.

I recognize that life itself is a competition; it cannot be helped. I know that I do not live the ideal life, a life with perfect grades, scores, and no concerns for my future, but I know that my life is worth living. I have to work hard in order to achieve my aspirations. Being a student, my job is to learn and if I have learned anything, it is that life is competitive. It is filled with competition, and if I work hard, and never give up, I will persevere.