This I Believe

Catherine - Winchester, Massachusetts
Entered on January 11, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I Believe

I believe in the enchantment of The Christmas Revels.

Every year my granddaughter and I look forward to our tradition of watching and being part of The Christmas Revels. We begin our special day by soaking up the culture of Harvard Square and then having a light lunch at the Coop. As we walk through the University grounds, we are reminded of a movie we both enjoyed. Gradually we are being transported to another period of time.

Once we reach the theater, we are ready for our glorious adventure. With great anticipation we take our seats and anxiously await the appearance of the first actor. He never disappoints us. Very quickly he engages us in being part of a special time in history. We join him in singing familiar Christmas songs and then he playfully teaches us a new song. Voices from the audience are filled with laughter and cheer and all the wonderful feelings come flooding back. He masterfully sets the stage so we all feel connected and loved. Once he divides the audience into three-part harmonizing sections, we are totally hooked.

When I was growing up, my father would frequently sing and hum. He wasn’t a talkative person but now I realize he passed along a valuable gift. Unknowingly I picked up his practice of singing. A co-worker once introduced me by saying “she sings Christmas songs year round”. After I recovered from the slight embarrassment, I joined both of them in a good laugh.

The Christmas Revels reminds me that I want to cherish that part of my own history. When I see the Revel Dancers perform with precision, energy and joy, I’m reminded of my mother’s love of dance. At a very young age we all would dance around the house. She would share stories of dance contests on the lake in Groton. It was impossible to have a sense of drudgery when you would see such happiness on her face.

When I sing and dance I feel in tune with life; nothing is out of step. Men and women are gracious to each other. Children are treasured. No one is concerned about anyone’s age or gender and the music and dance make us one.

I love seeing people celebrating all that is good. My granddaughter and I are 53 years apart in age but when we watch The Christmas Revels, we are the same age. The ageless wonder is a precious memory that I will treasure year round.