This I Believe

Warren - Lake Linden, Michigan
Entered on January 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Warren K


January 10th, 2008

I Believe Essay

“At fifteen did you know what you believe?” I don’t!! Hell, I haven’t had enough world experience to narrow down and eliminate the childish beliefs and establish true adult beliefs. The only adult thing I believe in is the Christian faith and since I am not allowed to write on thee topic due to the separation of church and state I technically have no beliefs. So how in the bloody-blue blazes can I write an “I Believe” essay? Yet here I am as instructed by my English teacher, to write an “I Believe” paper.

To some it’s an easy assignment and yet to others it is like Chinese water torture, agonizing and extremely irritating. Not that I have experienced this though. To narrow down all your beliefs and write descriptively is just like asking one man to take apart the Great Wall brick by brick. It can be done but it takes a tremendous amount of time to do so. This of course is not permitted on this assignment.

Okay, some may say that I’m over exaggerating and just being stubborn and this assignment shouldn’t take so much time. Believe though as I tell you that it isn’t as easy as it seems to be. First of all you have to think of all of your beliefs and then you have to eliminate the ones that you don’t have enough information on and the ones that just don’t sound cool. After you gather up your thousand or so beliefs and sadly realize that you don’t have enough information or the easy just doesn’t materialize. Then you can complain. I’ve started with this assignment five or six times already!

Each time I started this paper I came to realize that, 1. I didn’t truly believe what I was writing, and 2. I didn’t have enough information on the topic.

Take for instance my belief that music calms. I start off with a wonderful introduction but once I start my body I come to realize that for every two reasons that it calmed me there were five or six where it totally ticked me off there-by I contradict myself which isn’t very promising from an I believe report. Needless to say that idea went down the drain. Another failed idea would be my belief that everyone should get lost in a good book. Now I had plenty of positive experience with this but it turned out that when I typed each of those experiences they were suddenly meaningless. One other one would be my motivational I believe paper, I believe everyone should learn from nature. This was as it may seem a last ditch effort to write this paper. So what went wrong? I had no clue how to talk with nature and I sure didn’t want to lie in a paper that would be in my personal file for the rest of my life. Tell me, how do you talk to the clouds or a rabbit? If you look at the clouds you can’t see you feet or know where you’re headed.

So what does make this essay so easy for some? The answer itself is simple. They have lived a life of mediocrity and don’t really care what their paper says or if it is even true. People like this just write to complete the assignment, their paper has no meaning.

You can write for centuries on what you believe but when it finally gets boiled down in the caldron of time it is nothing but a waste of time. This I Believe.