This I Believe

Katie - Lake Linden, Michigan
Entered on January 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

How’s your life right now? Good? Bad? Somewhere in-between? I could start this off a few different ways with all the typical “I believe strongly” or “You know what I believe in?” but I won’t. I’d like to bring your attention to one thing. Life is full of B.S. You think that you’re having a fantastic day, and then a truck runs you over on the sidewalk.

You walk through the portal-like doors of this school and see people who can’t accept the fact that life will never be great twenty-four-seven. Teachers will always make seemingly impossible deadlines. Parents will always have those moments of treating you like a child, and siblings will always be annoying one way or another. It’s all just a part of the reality we call life.

Realize one thing. All B.S. is brought on by people. Whether it’s you, your best friend, or just some idiot you want to punch in the face. The events that happen afterward though, are all about how you take the piles of crap people dump on you, and you sometimes bring on yourself. The best way to avoid this is to mind your own business. If you overhear something that someone might not want you to know, forget it or don’t say it. Be a decent person and leave other people’s secrets to them unless they tell you themselves.

Every minute of every hour of the day you could be surrounded by nasty, ugly, rude, insensitive people, and even though it’s difficult to deal with sometimes you should still find your own way, whether it’s around or straight through them. I realize that the only way to deal with people is to accept that we all have flaws, and that no one will change to make you happy. Nothing will bring you down except yourself, and only you can pull yourself out of any depression you feel. It’s how you let people’s words affect you that really bring you down. So go ahead and shed another tear. It won’t stop the insults and it won’t stifle the pain.

Life can be a total train wreck, bliss, a face plant on concrete. It’s easy to just give up, but it’s more fun to live it anyway. Even when people try to bring you down it’s up to you to pull yourself back out even when your path is the darkest one.