This I Believe

Justin - Issaquah, Washington
Entered on January 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Many people world wide are involved in sports, drama, and other after school extra curricular activities. However there also is a huge amount of people that go home at the end of everyday and do absolutely nothing. It may sound like a good life going home, sitting back on the couch, and doing nothing. Yeah, that sounds like fun for about a day or two maybe. I personally enjoy playing sports, working out after school, snowboarding, and working. I believe that every high school student should be involved in an after school activity throughout the year.

There are many basic reasons why being active is a good idea for students. First of all staying busy with a group keeps you out of trouble and away from drugs and alcohol. It has been proven that people that are involved in after school activities are less prone to wind up in trouble with the law. There is a lot to be said about how much of an influence a positive group has on you during high school and for the rest of your life.

Playing sports year around has greatly shaped the person I am today. I have learned almost as much from playing these sports and being involved as I have in the classroom with life long skills. After beating our cross town rivals Issaquah in football I left the locker room with the ultimate feel of victory and bragging rights. This is a feeling the average couch potato will never experience and not because he or she couldn’t do it. Sports have taught me the amazing power of team work and what can be accomplished with a group of people with the same goals and passion for the game. I have learned that a little encouragement to a fellow teammate can go a long ways. Football has shown me what hard work and the will to give whatever it takes can do for you in the present and for the long term. I’ve learned that a lot like with football when you put in the time and the effort you will almost always see the results you want. You will only get as much out of something as you put in.

Many would ask why working in high school would be significant to anyone other than the nice paycheck every two weeks. Well anyone who has worked in high school knows that the job they currently are doing probably isn’t what they want to be doing for the rest of your life. I’ve spent three summers working in construction during blazing hot days and six months lifting 150 pound bales of hay onto trucks for low pay. I have learned how to work with others who you may not particularly like to work with and in some cases have completely opposite views on how the job should be done. In all reality there is probably going to be at least one person you are forced to work with that you might not be able to stand. I have also learned the huge importance of going to college and receiving a higher education to set myself up for getting a higher paying job that I enjoy doing. .

I believe that the importance of extra curricular activities is greatly underestimated by students across the world. They provide a huge positive impact on a young students life and not only keeps them out of trouble but gives them the positive foundation to live a strong, healthy life. Life goals and skills are also learned along the way many going completely unnoticed. Sports can teach you the value of working together and how to maintain a healthy life. Drama programs and other school activities let you open up and be yourself while having fun with your friends. After school jobs teach you the value of a dollar and how to deal with people around you. I strongly encourage every student to take a chance and involve themselves in some sort of activity. There is endless possibilities of the success and fun you can have with others who enjoy the same things you do.