This I Believe

sabrina - Niagara Falls, New York
Entered on January 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Mom, mom look!! I got my report card!”, To the typical student who tries their best in everything they do including school, it usually is an exciting time when reports are received; however the one case I witnessed was different; instead of the mother saying “great job, I am proud of you” all’s my friend heard was “your never going to be anything anyway”. There are many people in society who go above and beyond and no matter how hard they try their best and don’t receive the support they need to be successful. When I realized, I can make a difference and I could be that one person who changes a life; I was inspired.

Making a difference may sound a bit cliché however when I am able to personally make a difference no matter what it is I am very uplifted and it has made me the person I am. We all have that one dream in the back of ours heads in which we eventually would like to meet, some of us have people to support us and others don’t. How do we provide that support to one is need? Just a simple “I believe in you” can make the difference. That “I believe in you” can make the difference of a person being successful or unsuccessful.

I will have to say I have been extremely fortunate to always have had people around me pushing me to be the best I can be and always letting me know that I can do it; I know not everybody has this therefore I am inspired to provide the most inspiration in what ever way possible to the people who need motivation. From believing in people on the track team, to believing in my class mates I have seen the power of believing and have tried and will continue to believe in others as I do myself.

A few weeks ago a friend approached me and asked me if I had read the year book biographies under the most inspirational area, and I said no. Letting curiosity get the best of me, I went and checked it. Underneath that section it said “Sabrina thanks for making me believe”. It was at that time I have realized my believing has made a difference. If everyone believed in each other, many more people would follow their dreams and be successful, so next time somebody around says “I cant” be sure to tell them “I believe in you”.