This I Believe

samantha - 92260, California
Entered on January 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Music is my life, my love, my everything. Music has been with me since I learned twinkle twinkle little star. I feel like music says what’s on my heart when I can’t seem to find the words to speak. To be perfectly honest I can’t picture the world without it. When i’m weak or my heart is broken it’s my strength, and the lyrics are my band-aid. However the way I see it there’s a song for every thing like the 1st time I went to Disneyland, or when I 1st saw the person I like. I guess you could say that I feel that I have an addiction or love affair with music. Its my getaway, escape from reality when things seem to get out of control and when I lose focus I hear a song and I find motivation and strength. I believe music is one of things in this world that brings us all together as one because no matter whom you are music is in your life one way or another. You can get away or escape it. Music is what gives us peace of mind and even at times what motivates our actions depending upon our mood, or state of mind it changes our hearts, and reminds us of the good times in our lives. At time it makes me feel like i’m never alone because it’s always close by giving me something to relate to. Over time music has become who I am what I stand for it’s the very part of my soul that allows me to be the person I am. Life would be empty and tragic in my eyes without music to carry me threw. I also have a heart felt respect for the people behind the music. To be able to express some of your most personal emotions to the world and to let people see you open takes a very special person. Even just to have the power to touch peoples hearts with just your words is aw quality that only few people have, I guess that’s what makes me like in some way I have a connection or relationship with music. This is one relationship that will always be a steady part of my life and maybe one day ill be able to play some role or part in music that would be the dream of a life time. Honestly music will always be a major piece of this world. So think about the lyrics and the message a song is trying to get across and what it is that you feel when you hear those words. Then maybe just maybe you’ll understand what exactly it is I feel for music and the depth of its meaning in my life.