This I Believe

Thania - Coachella, California
Entered on January 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe”

I believe in the influence of a healthy logical reasoning. Healthy, but what do you mean? It means that it’s a logic that fits into modern society; like cause and effect. I’ve been told plenty of times that I have no imagination, only logic. Ironically it is the force that drives my interest in abnormal behavior psychology. This desire of mine began when I was a kid of about 10 years old. I started reading horror/mystery books, the real ones like Stephen King and Ann Rice, not Nancy Drew. I was surprised at the events that went on in the stories and I began to question the motives of the antagonist to find a logical reasoning to why he/she kills or attack the innocent. Unfortunately, there was no logic in it sometimes because the imagination of the author stepped in; not to say that the story wasn’t good, it just wasn’t logical when the “bad guy” turned into a blood thirsty monster with serpent eyes and deadly sharp claws. (Forgive me for having a lack of imagination.)

Not being completely satisfied I moved on to real live events. The Zodiac was one of my all time favorite books to read, and yes, I read it way before the movie came out. By the time I was finished I came to my conclusion of why serial killers do what they do. They have their own version of logic (referring to what I like to call an unhealthy logic) and in their minds they believe that what they do is completely right. I’ll use The Zodiac for example: the guy really believed that he would be king of a torture world and that everyone he kills will be his slave. It was his sick logic, but nonetheless, it was his logic. My goal is to help those who can’t help thinking that way.

I have loads to learn about abnormal behavior. There was a case in 1993 that gets me completely stumped. According to there was a murder of a 10 month old committed by two kids. I couldn’t believe what I read! This blew my logic far out of reasoning. The two kids had no relation to the infant, no motive and even today it makes no sense to me. They had no known past of abuse, yet they inflicted torture and mutilations that makes the word monstrous sound like it came from the heavens. It’s those types of cases that make me want to pursue my dreams even more. Some people need help, I want to help. That’s my logic, what’s yours?