This I Believe

kathrine - hilmar, California
Entered on January 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


Dear Friend,

“Before I came here I visualized a bunch of fat people eating McDonalds all the time. Those are the words of our foreign exchange student, Lucas Behem. He told me that he thought Americans were all obese and never ate at home. After I heard that I realized many people have their own idea on what an American is. They see one part of society and assume that’s what every other place in America consists of. Well, false. some places have less obese people, and some places are full of crime while other places, people leave their doors unlocked. Hearing what our foreign exchange student said, and looking further into this topic, I made the discovery on what I think an American is.

Most people base being an American on what they convey through a group of people that each and every one of them, having different qualities to make up, what others on the outside see, known as an American. For people who live in America they see a bunch of different people who call themselves Americans. Such as, the people who live to work rather than to work to live. There are many people who think having all the money is being on top and others who have to take risks everyday in order to live. Some who take advantage of all the freedom and opportunities they are given in this country. And the people who come here from other countries who try to make something of themselves.

Then there are always the few that don’t take advantage of what they have. The ones who have no pride and will do anything for money. “I will take verbal abuse for spare change.” that is what someone told me in San Francisco. I couldn’t believe someone would allow others to degrade them for money. Though it makes no sense those people are out there.

All Americans have freedom. They are allowed to believe in any god they want. And in America you are not allowed o bring religion into government. Americans have the ultimate freedom, so we think. Though I have heard that we, being Americans, can be rather lazy. Having our different ways to communicate whether it be text, computer, or cell phone. Rather than going (walking) to the other persons house or meeting somewhere.

Therefore being an American is different than what others think an America is. To be an American is to live the life. To have opportunities and have the choice on whether you want to take the chance you are given or not. But if your looking from the outside in, you see an American being obese, fast paced, lazy, live to work kind of person and that is NOT what an American is. Though that kind of person does live in America. An American is a completely different thing.


Kathrine F