This I Believe

Stephen - Moyock, North Carolina
Entered on January 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

Living in the backwaters in the US, I never had any experience of going to one of those corrupt schools out in the more populated areas like New York and Chicago, but I saw movies and news reports of horrible and disgusting things going on. I have heard of violence and drugs in those places. Steroids, Cocaine, and Heroine are just three of the many examples of the drugs that dilute the purity of the human body and degrade the users mind, coating them in a thin layer of acid that eats away at them.

The darker side claws its way out of the acid-eaten cage that the mind has set down to contain it. The addictions that they have imposed upon themselves void the attempts of the mind to fight back. This dark creature, mindless and insane with anger destroys not only itself, but the innocent lives that are near. It is so disturbing to see all this anger, hate, and resentment slipping out of the cracks of their humanity. They are monstrosities that carry with them the sins and sorrows of hell. But at least all of that was far away.

Middle School came and I realized that the nightmare that was so often talked about, was only the very tip of the iceberg. The sinister shadow that I felt so sure was far away actually permeated the very fabric of society, and there was nothing I could do but try to withstand it. It wasn’t easy. My sanity was torn at by the animosity directed at me. The social structure sank its claws into me and got pieces of my psyche for its trouble. Yet still I persevered in the hopes of finding any person with a shred of humanity.

Then I met her. She was plain and shy, but was all the better because of it. Where once there were only dying embers of my will to live, she stirred those coals and lit up my life, brought me back from the brink of a death that wouldn’t have been entirely self-imposed. We strove together, made each other strong and gave each other hope that we could survive.

The end of Middle School came and I realized that it wouldn’t end there, but that High School would be the next obstacle that I had to over come. Cordiality was shot down, flayed, then crucified by the foul mouths, minds, and intentions of the people, no, animals that surrounded me. Love had no meaning, joy was as ephemeral as the wind, and it seemed that Satan had resurrected the cities of Sodom and Gomorra.

Yet I have walked, and will continue to walk awhile in this Hell, but now my resolve has strengthened and I will not let go of my will to live.

Some see me as weak, some as a madman chasing a nonexistent ideal, yet the knives that they stick in me and the stones they try to weigh me down with, crumble because I want them to.

I believe that cruelty and violence is in the human soul, but kindness and self-control come from the mind. If everyone would embrace their soul, the world would be a better place.