This I Believe

Nicolai Cory - Palm Desert, California
Entered on January 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Nicolai Cory S

This I Believe Essay

I was a young boy visiting in British Columbia, Canada, when my mother had a “cerebral aneurysm”. She was in a coma for ten weeks and because of her condition, she has been in an assisted care facility to this day. At that devastating period, my life was an unexpected, emotional roller coaster. I felt so much pain, fear, and bewilderment that at times I felt like my heart was breaking into many hopeless fragments. The pain was so bone crushingly intense; I sensed as if I was bound for failure. I lost interest in school and turned away from friends and my ideals. Nevertheless, due to important people in my life, I somehow survived.

The staunch support of my relatives, especially from my grandmother and father helped me to become a responsible, giving human being, and I have developed into a rather appealing individual. During high school I have become a distinguished scholar, a prime athlete, a talented musician, as well as a linguist. I have maintained a 4.0 GPA, assisted the varsity water polo team to DVL Undefeated Champions, performed with the elite choir of the school and traveled to Italy. I speak fluently in Russian, while studying Italian and Spanish as well.

Moreover, being multilingual has enabled me to develop a unique characteristic about myself and others. Being an only child, like my father, I have had the luxury to embrace into a stratum of cultures, religion-based principles, and values. Because of the variety, I come from a very distinguished background. My father, being born in Kiev, Ukraine at the time when communism was at its fore, and my mother being born into an

aristocracy by no means seemed probable for the two to tie. As a family, we strongly believe in God’s wrath and affection to humanity. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord is what intertwined my mother and father as one. My name, which has several meanings, was initially conceived after the second doctor in California, one by Dr. Cory who is of my mother’s ancestry. To my family, it’s a testament to what this nation is- embracing immigration. After all, is that not what were all made of? Immigration is what makes this nation number one in the world. I don’t see any other country in the entire universe as willingly embracing so many peoples and cultures.

I know that through my previous experience from my mother, father, and grandmother; life can be challenging, with nothing but obstacles that can be turned into opportunities. My life has proven to be a constant torrential storm which tested my will to survive. I believe that my prime objective on earth is to love and respect God, and that my life long endeavor will echo into eternity. I strongly believe in my bright and promising future, with the faith & support of those around me.