This I Believe

Corey - Portland, Oregon
Entered on January 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30


I believe that video games are not as bad as some people think. And that they could actually be a good thing to help humanity if given the chance. Growing up I can always remember playing video games, and honestly the concept of a lot of them haven’t changed over the years, it’s just now being over reacted to. Growing up my family could never really get me video games too often, so when I got one it was a very welcomed gift.

I can always remember sitting in the front room on the family TV at my grandparent’s housel, playing metal gear and Mario.

Then When I upgraded eventually to the Nintendo 64, Playing games only got more enjoyable as they were better looking and were more story driven, which was the way that I like my games, as do most gamers; we don’t want mindlessly endless tasks, we want motivation to do endless tasks, and story drives us. I then again upgraded to the more recent games and again I played games, Grand theft auto, Halo, Zelda. All games with the finger being pointed at them but. I have never lashed out at some one out of anger, I have never tried to replicate anything I saw in a video game, because I am wise and mature enough to handle my self around others. And when I do get angry, or feel that I am about to lash out, I go home and play video games, a way to vent my anger and no one ever gets hurt.

Playing games so long has just given me the insight to say that they are not bad, because I have never seen the instance where gaming has severely hurt someone, and I know that they never would.