This I Believe

Timothy - lake oswego, Oregon
Entered on January 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

Men, Women, and Equality

When I brought up the differences between men and women, and the mere thought of current equality in my English class, my teacher blew up at me. She being a feminist wouldn’t listen to my explanation so here I am. It is my belief that men and women, right now, in today’s American world, are equal.

Believe me on the fact that I am not a traditional Republican Christian, it just so happens that I am an extremely liberal nearly socialist somewhat hippie. This might confuse you that somebody who might normally go to pro women’s right rallies (guilty) would argue that men and women are equal right now.

Let’s start with the differences between men and women on a biological level. Men have the ability to gain muscle used for getting the necessities for the family, and women have the uterus to protect and raise the young. This being said, that there are differences between men and women is it possible to be equal in every single different aspect of life? No, but is equality still attainable, yes. I truly believe that we have reached that point and if not we are very close.

There are many influential men in society and we know that, but what about the women? What comes to my mind is Condoleezza Rice, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Hillary Clinton, the countless celebrities, the rising number of female politicians and CEO’s. There are very famous powerful women, but I also think there are more famous men than women that brings to mind the question; how can women be equal if this is true? The one quote that keeps coming to mind is from My Big Fat Greek Wedding “If the man is the head, the woman is the neck, and she can move him any way she wants.” The brilliance of that line is the one thing that led me to believe in current equality. Think about an average relationship between a man and a woman, who wins the battles? In my mind the woman does, it should in yours too. That is the way the American family works.

Why do the women have this power? Is it because of the undeniable sexual attraction from men to women? Or is it that this is a psychological adaptation to create equality?